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Ministry Teams

At uVillage, we make teams together to serve church community

as a chosen race and a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9).

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GS(Giving Shoulders) Ministry Team

uVillage is a church committed to the NEXT GENERATION. uVillage is committed to equipping the parent generation so that they could pass on their faith to the next generation. Rather than spending money on a building or programs, uVillage strives to invest in people to raise up the next generation.

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Interpretation Ministry Team

Michaela Lee_Leader, Jenny Yoon, Jeff Yoon

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Kid’s Ministry Team

uVillage Kids’ goal is to lead next generation children to Christ and to send them as missionaries into the world. Every Sunday, there is a worship for the children, and fun activities followed after.

Paul Cho _Leader, Esther Kim, Phoebe Yoon

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Pastoring Ministry Team

Pastor Paul Cho

Paul earned his B.A in Politics and Econo-mics from the University of Washington (Seattle), MDiv from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and ThM from Regent College. Currently, Paul is working on his CPA designation and serves on a pastoral staff at uVillage Church with his wife Esther.

Pastor Peter Yoon

Pastor Peter graduated from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv & MAEL). With wife Michaela who studies Marketplace Theology at Regent College, he is in the pastoral team of the multiethnic Origin Church at UBC, as well as uVillage Church Lead Pastor. They have three children, James, Phoebe, and Jubilee.


Preaching Ministry Team

Our preaching team’s goal is to communicate the word of God for the purpose of leading the congregation to Christ, and empowering the congregation to live out their callings as kingdom agents for the Gospel in the world. We also intentionally seek, train, and equip next generation preachers.


Prayer Partners, Financial Parners, Vision Partners

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